Antique Double Wedding Ring Vintage Cutter Quilt Crafts scrapbook card

Beautifully hand pieced/hand quilted Antique Vintage Double Wedding Ring Quilt Full Size. I say this is a beautiful quilt because it feels so beautiful and comforting to me. All cotton fabrics, all cotton batting. This quilt is extremely OLD and WORN~~buyer should be aware, it may only be good as a cutter quilt. It is possible that a very talented person with the skill, fabric and patience could restore the quilt, at least to some extent, but I'm not sure.
This quilt gives me the most wonderful feeling when I look at it and study it. It is obvious to me that the quilt has been much loved by its owner or owners. The original maker was an incredibly meticulous seamstress with the tiniest and most precise quilting stitches. I wish I could show a better image of the quilting here, but my camera just isn't capturing it. The stitches are tiny and equally measured, and mostly still tight and good! The fabric, however, is ragged and frayed in many places, and the quilt shows signs of age from being exposed to sunlight. There are multiple stains and darker areas. A carefully applied tea stain might even the shades out, but what to do about the worn fabric?
It is clear that previous owners have tried to repair the quilt. While the fabrics seem to me to date from before the 1930's, the original binding was obviously removed and replaced
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