Antique Dresden Plate Quilt 1930s

Antique Dresden Plate - Ca. 1930
Please I need a mom doesn't want me anymore. I am a cheery, soft all cotton quilt of 76" x 94" approx. on a good day. I would love to live in a shabby chic cottage. I am soft and comfy. I would look marvelous folded at the end of a bed or on a quilt rack. But if you want to use me to make pillows, slippers or framed art I promise not to mind. I would also work well for repairing a different quilt of the same vintage. You have my permission. There is still a lot of life left in me - promise.
I think my birth date is somewhere around 1930 - or so. I can't find my birth certificate.
I am made from cotton. My plate fabric is of nice feed sack and calico. The backside of me is a pretty calico print. I am lightly hand quilted.
Yes, I have my issues...who doesn't? There are a few bits of damage to my front side and backside (see pics). Also, my cotton batting has shifted.
If you should have any questions please email me and someone with fingers will type you back the answers.
. Hope to see you soon.