Antique Dugan Art Glass 6" Frit Vase Japanese Sake Circa 1906

Very nice Dugan sake bottle vase from the Japanese Line circa 1906. The 6-1/4" vase is covered in blue & white glass frit which is more identifiable on the base. The amber/gold frit glass is applied in vertical ribbed stripes. This vase has a small defect that needs mentioning a 1/8" x 1/4" piece of frit is missing on one of the vertical stripes approximately 1" from the bottom. The clear base glass is intact, (not a hole) may have possibly been made this way. You can see in the picture the base of this vase is not entirely covered in the blue and white frit also when it was made. There are no other cracks, nicks or chips that distract from the beauty of this piece. Feedback is given for all sales and we appreciate the same in return.