Antique Dutch Delft Tin-Glaze Sailing Ship Tile Circa 1875

This item is an antique Dutch Delft Tin-Glazed Sailing Ship Tile, circa 1875.

The tile is 5 1/16" by 5 1/8". The picture is a sailing ship flying the Dutch flag. There are a couple of chips along the edges and there is one large chip piece in the top left corner that was repaired.

The tile can be dated to around 1875 by design and motif.

This tile was purchased 'as is' at an estate auction; all tags on reverse were there when tile was bought. There is a certificate on the reverse that states the place of purchase as 'Antiquair' Eduard Kramer Amsterdam. Eduard Kramer currently runs a shop in Amsterdam called 'Kramer Kunst en Antiek' (Kramer Art and Antique).

Up until about 1600, Dutch pottery looked very similar to the pottery made in Antwerp and other European cities. That was until 1602, when one of the ships belonging to the East India Company returned from China carrying blue porcelain.

Owning blue Chinese porcelain soon became quite fashionable across Europe, and millions of pieces were imported from China through Amsterdam.

Around 1620 Dutch pottery makers sought to cash in on the blue China pottery craze and began making a blue pattern painted on an opaque white sub layer, then tin-glazed and fired. The motif was usually a central portrait or picture inside a circle or square with corner
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