Antique EAPG 1897 ILLINOIS State Victorian Crystal Square Creamer by U.S. Glass

Antique EAPG 1897 ILLINOIS Victorian Crystal Square Creamer by U.S. Glass
Crystal creamer in an Early American Pressed glass pattern called Illinois, one of the U.S. Glass Company States Series patterns. This pattern was introduced in 1897 by U.S. Glass Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
OMN: U.S. Glass No. 15052 - Illinois
AKA: Clarissa; Star of the East
Measurements: 3-1/4" tall at the handle; 3-1/4" wide not including the handle and spout. Quite a hefty piece!
The glass turns yellow under a black light, attesting to its antique age.
Very good condition; there are several tiny chips on the inside top edge which I believe you can see in the photos, very minor. Shelf wear on the very bottom outside of the piece. The glass is clean and clear with no cloudiness. Please note: the blue coloration is just a reflection.
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