Antique EAPG BELL FLOWER Purple Hue GOBLETS 1860's 53/4" Tall, Straight Shape

This listing is for two early pattern glass goblets called Bell Flower. � This pattern was made in the 1860's. � They are about 5 3/4" tall and the diameter is about 3 1/4" inches. � This is the fine rib style with the bell flower pattern cut into the ribs. � The bottom foot has the ribs that radiate only partially to the edge, compared to the ones that radiate all the way to the edge. � If you look into the goblet there is a flower pattern in the center. � This is called the straight sided style and the two goblets weigh 1 pound, 10 ounces. � The book value for this style is 45$ each. � There are no cracks or chips. � There is a little roughage on the ribs in a few small areas. � These two goblets have a very slight purple hue to them as if left in direct sunlight � It is very faint. �