Nice Antique EAPG Bleeding Heart HS Cake Stand ca.1875!

This beautiful Cake stand is attributed to King, Son & Co. Pittsburg,PA. ca. 1895. Shards have been found at Sandwich and Burlington. The main element design consist of Bleed heart flowers. The edge is cupped upward and smooth. The standard is hexagonal and boulbous with the hexagonal part being hollowed out. The glass is beautifully clear with minimal surface scratches. Measurements are 9 1/2 in diameter and it stands 5 1/4 inches tall. There is one shallow nic to the standard where the step meets the hexagon pattern, visable strawmarks, bubbles and a few pieces of frit.....all indicative of the great early glass. A lovely stand that you will love.....questions are welcome. Shipping weight is 4 lbs. securely wrapped. Thanks for looking!