rare ANTIQUE EAPG child tea set @1860-1910 Pressed Glass McKee? salesmans sample

ON THE MORNING OF DEC 12TH- I FOUND THE 'CREAM PITCHER' THAT WAS NOT WITH THE REST OF THE SET. non-smoking homeA beautiful antique child's tea set used for teaching a little girl how to be a lady and set and serve at her table. Of course by the 60's this stuff became "toys", but back in the time these were made, they were for learning. Many times they matched the mother's good set for the family table. The cups are about 1.25" tall by 1.5" in diameter. There are 4 cups that match and one that does not. I do not know what the bowl is for that has the zig-zag top. 1 7/8" tall x 2" diameter sugar bowl is 1.7/8" tall by 2 3/8" diameter. In the bottom is very clearly raised letters that say NEAR CUT The covered platter or covered butter is 3.5" in diameter, with the center ridge being 2 3/8" in diameter. The lid is a total of 2" tall, by itself, but all put together stand a total of 2.5" tall. This piece is the best one as far as condition of all of the pieces that have survived well over a hundred years. HERE IS THE INFORMATION I WAS GIVEN BY OWNER. DATES ARE A LITTLE 'IFFY' BUT DID AS MUCH RESEARCH AS I COULD. I THINK THESE ARE PROBABLY MORE FROM THE LATER 1800'S- AROUND 1875 PERHAPS. Could possibly be McKee? Or even a Salesman's sample? This set belonged to the grandmother and mother of a lady who is now 72. Her mother passed,
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