antique early 1900s block printed woven cotton kalamkari single bedspread throw

this is a really exquisite item
from a recent collection of clothes, fabric and textiles of unbelieveable quality
this is an indian kalamkari, dating to about 1910/1915 and purchased in india at that time
probably as a bedspread, throw or even a curtain
it is 1 of 2 which are exactly the same
so if you want a matching pair for of bedspreads or throws for twin beds then here they are!
please note this listing is for just one!

this is a rectangular, tabby woven cotton kalamkari measuring 46" wide x 88" long

the colours are sienna red, blue and light gold with outlines of black

there are selvedges on both sides and the fabric is unfinished to top and bottom

the design is a complexstar and ovoid formation which floats across the field at regular intervals

the secondary border adjacent to the field has birds facing each other while turning their heads to look to thenext bird, a typical wonderful use of movement, typical of Indian design.

The final border at the long ends are geometric swags with hanging seed and flower motifs, geometric distillations of antique swag and floral motifs.

this kalamkari dates to around 1910/1915 and has been block printed

a beautiful item in excellent vintage condition

th ank you for looking at my
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