Ok, first of all, yes this is REAL fur. It is not politically correct. T, I said it.

This auction comes to you from a fine upstate New York estate.
Presented for your consideration is this outstanding original Victorian Edwardian era Hand warmer or muff.

The Muff is also a purse as it has a zipper and little compartments inside. I am unsure of what kind of fur it is blackish and brown and very, very could be shaved mink or beaver, I am really unsure. It actually feels very soft
It dates to the early 1900's and is a solid 100 years old, give or take a couple of years.
The muff is about 14" wide and has openings on each end to insert your hands. It has a Satin cloth cord on one side to hang it up or hook to a coat.
It is in great condition, I found no splitting no hair loss or looseness of any of the fur gave it a good rub test none fell out. It has black Satin lining that is in very good condition. The back side is also black Satin but is pleated, with no problems no loose stitching or splits.

This was very well taken care of.

The inside has the main compartment and three other smaller ones. The zipper is marked as is the zipper finger handle, Talon.

The muff is very pretty looking just picture using this on your next Victorian Stroll, it would most
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