Antique Edwardian Glass Electroplated Silver Overlay Trivet Engraved Rockwell

From my great grandmother's estate. She collected antiques and died in 1964.
Flat glass plate or trivet (not footed). Hand engraved silver overlay in elegant but innocent daisy motif. Highly polished mirror like surface, the silver is quite thick. Edwardian era. REAL electroplated silver overlay, not painted on. Look carefully at my photos: you can see the back of the silver is white.
In 1893, a patent was registered in the US by John H. Sharling of New Jersey, which had the distinct advantage that the reverse side was white and stayed that way by utilizing electroplating. He shared his methods with everyone and silver overlay came to its first peak in the early 1900's. There were two distinct eras of Silver Overlay. From 1895 to the early 1920's, this art had its own avid following and became a decorative rage. But during this first era, it was very labor intensive and expensive and this period was over by the mid-1930's. This piece is from that era.
Probably made by the Rockwell Silver Company ( How to determine if the silver was done by Rockwell: The great detailing - after the silver was applied, one of the artists took a stylus or knife and cut into the silver to make very detailed cuttings, such as the lines on the swan wings. Other companies did not do this. Rockwell silver is REALLY thick, high quality silver,
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