Antique Effanbee Composition Walk Talk Sleep Baby Doll Pre-1920 Orginal Clothes

T his doll is from many in the estateof a hobby collector. I am not a dealer or collector and my dolls must sell “asis.” Before you bid, please study the photos and my description. While I try to point out all pertinent details, the photos may reveal something that I did not notice or failed to mention. I’m happy to answer your questions or provide additional photos if I haven’t covered your concerns.

For auction is a Walk-Talk-Sleep baby doll from Effanbee. This doll was likely produced prior to 1920. After that date, Effanbee’s baby dolls were marked and named differently. This doll’s shoulder plate carries the molded words “Effanbee Dolls Walk Talk Sleep” inside an oval. “Made in USA” is molded beneath the oval. She is 13” tall. She has sleep eyes, molded hair, open mouth with two teeth and exposed tongue, painted lips and rosy cheeks. The head is lightly crazed and some of the face paint has flaked in places, but I don’t see any cracks or breaks. The doll has a stuffed cloth body with a cry box in her back (that doesn’t work), stiched hip joints, and composition limbs. The shoulder joints mount to the shoulder plate, work well, and hold position. The arms, hands and fingers have lost most of the original flesh finish but otherwise seem to be in good condition without crazing. The lower legs are a mess – deeply cracked and

PLEASE NOTE: The description above has a typo. This doll is 15 inches tall, not 13 inches as stated.
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