Antique Egg Shape Pill Snuff Box w/ Chain

This is an old vintage and precious egg shaped box with chain. This fine box is made I believe of Sterling Silver I can not find a marking and the outside appears at first glance to be brass but on the inside as you can see from the picture appears to be sterling, since I have no way to be sure I will just say it is VERY OLD & VERY LOVELY & UNIQUE; both top and bottom is decorated with a lovely floral pattern. It has a hinged cover. All around the box is a solid band to accent on the top and small ball design band on the bottom section. The cover is hinged, condition is very good, and the inside of the box appears to be a plain no pattern sterling silver. It measures 1 ½" long by 1" wide. The chain measures approximately 2 ½" long.

This lovely item is either a pill box, snuff box or the worlds smallest hand bag! Ha Ha! This lovely item was part of my grandmother's estate and have been told it was her mothers! Taken my grandmothers age into consideration she passed last year at the age of 87 since this was her mothers (my great grandmothers) THIS IS VERY OLD! To be honest with you I don't know what she used it for.

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