Antique Electric Fixture Lamp Cord Adjuster "Two Balls" Lacrosse WI USA

This is a incandescent lamp cord adjuster invented and patented by Milton Irvin Vought of Lacrosse, Wisconsin. This is a nice example of his work as found. The material of the Vought lamp adjuster balls on this example is wood, and the weighted ball below is cast iron. The pulleys within the balls appear porcelain coated.
Milton filed the patent for the "Two Balls" lamp cord adjuster in 1897 which was issued in 1898. The lamp adjuster was on the market by fall of 1897. The patent link is provided below. /patents? id=R6lpAAAAEBAJ&printsec= frontcover&dq=613098&hl=en&sa= X&ei=hQzKT8GUBoP42QW--aC2Bw& ved=0CD8Q6AEwAw
By the spring of 1901 M. I. Berger ventured into the telephone business with Milton Vought creating the Vought-Berger Co. The Vought firm at that time Berger made his entrance into the business was doing a supply and electrical business, as well as manufacturing telephones. In March of 1902 C. A. Sterling bought out the interests of Milton Vought and the patent rights to all the electrical appliances made by the Vought-Berger company. The information was gained by dated Google book links.
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