Antique Electric Shock Machine for Quack Medicine with Box & Instructions

The longest dimension of the box is about 10" or 25.5cm.

Comes with the original chart showing you where to put the electrodes for different cures e.g indigestion & general depression are in the same area & no-where near the cure for asthma. If you've tried curing yourself of rheumatism with one of these & it hasn't worked, it's obviously because you've treated the wrong area & cured yourself of sciatica without even knowing it.

My kids were the only ones stupid enough to try this & whilst it claims to cure hysteria; I found the opposite. It doesn't claim to cure stupidity but my kids were never that stupid again so mabey it does?

Seriously:- it's in otherwise good condition but note the following; the fan belt slips & the brass beneath it has verdigis so will need cleaned (this means you don't get a high charge through the electrodes as it won't spin fast enough); There's a split in the corner of the box next to the lighter picture 5, I suspect by someone closing the lid with a terminal jammed as the lid doesn't close properly & although it locks you can't get the key right round to remove it.

So all in not perfect but worth having. Owing to weight UK ONLY PLEASE.

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