Antique Elgin Watch Advertisement - Father Time - The Professional Timekeeper

Up for auction here is a antique Elgin advertisement poster, the poster itself measures about 12.5 x 18 inches, the frame is 16 x 21.5 inches.

Interesting story behind this piece. I originally pulled this from a liquidation here in Michigan, it was a framed sign from the New York Central Lines railroad that had a message to it's officers and employes about courtesy, the original NYCL sign goes with the auction. I found it interesting and had it displayed in my garage for a couple years, one day I decided to use the frame for something else and when I pulled the NYCL sign out I noticed the Elgin Father Time poster that was covered up beneath it, the poster was reversed and used as a filler piece. I have since displayed Elgin advertisement as it is much more interesting. I can't be sure of the age but from what I have researched would estimate the poster to be from the 1900 - 1920's. The railway sign carries the name of the NYCL president, Fred Williamson whom was president from 1931 to 1944.

Due to the age and very fragile condition I have made no attempt to clean this up, that will be left to the auction winner.

There is a crack in the top right corner of the print, some of the edges are frayed where the nails were used to hold it in the frame, it is very very brittle!

Winning bid gets the Elgin
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