Antique Embroidered Coat of Arms, Family Crest 16"x14

This is a heavily embroidered family crest or possibly a flag segment. There are many elements of the crest of the Royal Coat of Arms of Queen Elizabeth...a lion wearing a crown, a unicorn, a shield with lions and a harp (signifying Ireland), the motto of English monarchs (Dieu et Mon Droit -God and My Right), and the motto of the Order of the Garter (Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense - Shamed Be He Who Thinks Ill of It) which is embroidered on the Garter or band that wraps around the shield. It should be noted that there are differences...the lion is not standing, the word "Dieu" is spelled incorrectly and there is a set of three ships at the top of the crest with their sails unfurled. Have not been able to find any research that would explain the sailing vessels. And it is possible that the skill of the embroiderer exceeded their knowledge, hence the misspelled word and the recumbent lion. The embroidery is on a base of off-white silk. It's in very good condition with no foxing. The embroidery thread is silk and silver-wrapped thread. The lion was probably brown at one time. Note the remarkable condition of the silver - barely tarnished. There is some minute bleeding of the dye from the red thread, probably a sign of humidity rather than outright water damage. The frame is in very nice condition and the glass is original to the framing. ... read more