Antique Enameled St. Benedict Religious Medal

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The front of this beautiful antique silverplated religious medal bears the image of St. Benedict in the act of exorcising demons. His "weapons" are the cross and The Holy Book. T are inscriptions of exhortations to behold the light and wisdom of The Lord. The reverse of the medal bears the PAX cross, along with an number of abbreviations that serve as reminders of qualities of the faithful from The Beatitudes. Both side of the medal are enameled. The outer edges of the front and back are enameled in sky blue, and the inner circle of the PAX cross is enameled in a deep red. The enameling shows some minimal smoothing from age and use. The detailing on the medal is wonderful. It measures 3.4 inch across, and has a lovely weight and quality.

Benedict was the twin brother of Saint Scholastica. He was gifted with great intellectual abilities, as well as wisdom in applying his knowledge. He studied in Rome, but was dismayed by the lack of discipline and the lackadasical attitude of his fellow students. He fled to the mountains near Subiaco, living as a hermit in a cave for three years. It is reported that he was able to survive because he was fed by a raven. His virtues caused an abbey to request his leadership. He founded the monastery at Monte Cassino, w he wrote the Rule of his order. He was
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