Antique English Bulldog 1935 Ronson Marked A.M.W. NEWARK N.J. Cigarette Holder?

This is an estate sale find. These English Bulldogs were manufactured by Ronson Art Metal Works circa 1935. Most of them are early cigarette lighters. A rod with a small metal handle fit into the hole on the dogs head. This was the lighter. On lighter models, there is usually a strike plate on the dogs back.
I believe my model of dog was an accompanying cigarette holder because when I cleaned the dog a bunch of old tobacco came out of the hole. Also the rim of the hole is different and there is no indication of a striker plate ever having been affixed to the dogs back. My dog is also marked on the bottom rather than the chest as usually noted with the lighter dogs. It may just be a different year design.
The dog is made of an unknown type of metal and bears a copper colored patina. It is marked on the bottom with "Patented A.M.W. Newark, N.J."
It is about 3 1/4 inches high, and about 3.5 inches across. Please examine the photos closely and email with questions before bidding. Thank you!
Sold as is, no returns.
No international shipment.