Beautiful Antique Esquimaux Eskimo Dog Engraving 1874

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All mounts are hand cut to fit individual print measurements.

Beautiful Esquimaux Dog Engraving
Antique Esquimaux / Eskimo Dog Art Print
The most wolf-like of all the domestic breeds is the Eskimo dog. So closely indeed do these dogs resemble wolves that a pack of them has at least on one occasion been actually mistaken for such. These affinities are further indicated by this dog's inability to bark. Although differing somewhat in colour, the Eskimo dogs of Arctic America, Siberia and Kamschatka, all resemble on another very closely..
This is a book illustration
date 1874
Guaranteed Over 133 years old Mount Size: This print is Single mounted on Cream with Gold border line to fit a standard 8 X 10 inch frame
Beautiful Esquimaux Dog Very Good Please Note: T is very faint shadowing from the text/pictures on the reverse of the print (see scan). This is hardly noticeable and does not detract from the beauty of the print.
A Note on condition: Minor imperfections are to be expected from antique prints due to their age. Often these do not affect the appearance of the print. Any blemishes that are noteworthy are fully described and shown in the scans w possible. Saving the picture in a suitable web format tends to degrade the quality of the image (the mounts
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