Old Antique Estate Found Lot of 300++ Unsearched Wheat Pennies

Up for auction are 300++ Lincoln Wheat Cents. Years vary from 1909-1958. A few months ago my dad and I helped move my grandparents into a retirement community... (lots of fun!) This being said a lot was thrown away and a lot was given away. My Grandfather gave me his coin collection. It is huge! I am partial to silver dollars so I will be keeping them, but I now have way more Lincoln wheat pennies than one could ever want!! See pics! He told me he has been collecting them for over 50 years!! This lot and all future lots are completely unsearched by me. I quickly count out how ever many and throw a few extra in for good measure. There may be indian pennies as well as steel cents included. From what ive seen there are a great mix of dates including Indians, older teens, 20s, 30s, and 40-50s . Some coins are in great shape! Some uncirculated. This lot is pictured with the BLUE background and the pennies shown are the pennies you will receive. On top of a few extra pennies, there will be a great bonus coin added!! Ammo cans not included! *Note* I will combine shipping. Usually priority flat rate box for 5.95. ******** It has been brought to my attention that there are people posting ads with pictures and descriptions identical to my listings! Although I am flattered... *******Do not get me confused with any imitators!!******* Thanks ... read more