Antique Feeny Duster

designed to spray insecticide dust on gardens or crops.

12" long and 3" wide.

dmond J. Feeny , founder of the Feeny Manufacturing Company of Muncie, who died at his home in that city in the spring of 1922, was born at Ottawa, Illinois, and was a son of E. J. and Sophia Feeny, the former of whom was a manufacturer of boots and shoes at that place. Reared at Ottawa, Mr. Feeny received a college education and early became interested in manufacturing. He was possessed of an inventive turn of mind and it was not long until he began to turn his attention to the improvement of certain forms of mechanical appliances with reference to practical manufacturing. Working along this line he perfected a number of devices which he applied to the improvement of various articles of manufacture, including oil pumps, cotton dusters, vacuum cleaners, handy reels, cooling systems and the like, and in 1910 established at Muncie a manufacturing plant for the manufacture of these articles of common commerce, doing business under the name of the Feeny Manufacturing Company, of which eh was the head and General Manager, and it was not long until the Feeny products had created a market which insured the permanency of the establishment which he erected at Washington and Ohio Streets, and which has grown into one
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