Antique Fiddle w/ Original Case. Vintage Violin. Shell Inlay. Repair Project.

Travel back in time with this vintage violin. I would assume, from its looks, that it's from about the 1930s. There is no maker mark on it. the back has some rather fancy shell (abalone? mother of pearl?) inlay. There are a couple chips of the inlay missing. The fiddle, as you can see, is in pieces. But everything is there. The bridge is not vintage nor original (I had it in my parts bin so hope it works). The head stock is hairline cracked around the E-string tuning peg, see photo. There is a hairline crack in the top right down in the middle. The support peg inside the fiddle is loose and rolling around. All that said, I know one of you hotshot violin doctors could get this instrument singing again. I got it at a central Ohio flea market and know nothing of its past. It may be what they call around here 'a mountain fiddle,' just made by some unknown craftsman in the Appalachians. But the inlay on the back shows that the maker was making a fine instrument. The length is about 23-1/4" so it's 4/4 full size. Please check out my Ebay store, the 1970 Time Travel Trailer, for more cool vintage stuff, including a bunch of vintage instruments, especially vintage guitars.