Antique figurine - Chelsea / Samson ? - miniature porcelain figure gold anchor

Pretty little antique china / porcelain figurine of a small Bachanalian child and accompanying goat and foliage/fruit. See photos.
Stamped/marked with a gold coloured anchor to top back of base - see third photo.
It is in lovely condition, although the fingers are missing from the child's left hand at the back of the figurine (the little thumb is still there) and the back half of the apple on the top of his basket and the tiny edge of the leaf next to it are also missing (it looks like someone has taken a big bite out of the apple!) This is all at the back of the figure. See the second photo.
I am not a porcelain expert but from looking at other figurines, the style of it, and the gold coloured anchor mark which is on the top edge of the base and not underneath it, I believe this to be Samson Paris / Chelsea ware from circa 1880. I would have to leave it to the experts to work out which it actually is and any accurate date.
It is finely modelled and beautifully painted with great charm and skill and sits on its gold coloured scroll patterned edged base. It is definitely a figurine of quality.
Measures approx. 7.5cm (3") tall
Sold as a collectors item.
My husband and I have over 75 years of collecting behind us, dolls books toys etc. But we want to see the world and do new things and as such
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