Antique Firkin wooden bucket Maple sugar pail

This auction is for an old vintage firkin. We know this piece is old but do not know an exact date. We have collected antiques for many years and are now downsizing to a much smaller living space, so we are offering some pieces for sale.

This firkin is in wonderful condition. The bentwood staves are all in place and the construction is sturdy. My husband says this pail is still water tight and they were used for maple sugaring.

The straps are held in place with large staples shown in the pictures. T are three bands. The bale handle has wooden knobs on each side allowing the buck to swing freely.

It is approximately 10 1/4 inches high with the top in place. The outside diameter is 10 1/4 inches on the bottom and 9 1/2 inches on the top.

Without the lid, the bucket is approximately 9 9/16 inches tall. The diameter inside the bottom of the firkin is 9 4/16 inches and the diameter inside near the top of the bucket is 8 1/2 inches. T is a slight tapering from bottom to top.

The top is a decorative needlepoint and I think it looks good on this pail. It would not take much effort to remove this handwork if you wanted a more primitive look.

The lid fits tightly onto the bottom snugly sealing the contents. The wood has a nice warm patina that adds to the charm of this old piece.

It shows
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