RARE Antique Fisher Price #462 Boston Terrier Pull Toy

Barky, the pull toy, was introduced by the Fisher Price Toy Company as an Easter toy in 1958.
He was manufactured for only 3 short years, and therefore is quite rare, and a lucky find!. We are selling off our collection of Boston Terrier ceramics and collectibles to raise money for our new collecting passion, Southern face jugs. Further information on Barky can be found on the internet including the sites:
The pictured Barky is slightly worn and scuffed, but his ratcheting sound sings out loud and clear when he is pulled along the floor by his intact cord. This rare and unusual antique will be treasured by all Boston Terrier collectors. His size is a petite 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 4 inches tall.
He is house broken!