Antique Folk Art Carnival Side Show Carved Grotesque Ogre Puppet, Large

This unusual large wood carving came from the estate of a family affiliated with Puck's Travelling Circus in Canada. They ran midway games in the 1950's and 60's. Hard to describe, this all wood monstrosity has a two piece head that opens and closes. He is mounted on a pole that must have broken off in travels, but he can stand alone. He is quite large and must have been made to stand at human height level because his head is as big as a human adult head. The whole piece from pole end to end measures 26" tall by 8.5" in diameter. The owners grandson cannot recall what he was used for. It was unearthed in an old travel trunk on his BC farm. Early hardware and construction, original paint and rusted tin plate in mouth. Native leather deer hide and beading around neck. He has an incredible'd be hard pressed to find anything like him. A one of a kind grotesque folk art ogre!

Please email any questions prior to bidding. Ships from US estate within continental US only. He's heavy!