Antique Folk Art Souvenir Basket, Made from Armadillo Shell


Description :

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BID ON MY AUCTIONS: IMPORTANT AS TO RETURNS! I sell antiques and collectibles and I prefer to sell to serious buyers. Ebay is trying to encourage new buyers by making returns easier, but Vintage items are often delicate and difficult to ship, and should not be purchased by someone who has the mindset, "If I don't like it after I get it I can just return it." Often I am selling items for very little over what I pay for them, so to pay one-way shipping charges on an item, and then unpack and examine and then repack and re-list an item is very costly. I am also faced with the possibility that my returner will not pack well and the item will come back broken or damaged. I have always taken returns for "not as described," but not "I decided I didn't want it" returns from people who probably should not have purchased my item in the first place. Please consider this before you bid!!! All items must be returned insured!!!!

DESCRIPTION: 12 inches long, 8.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches high. This was probably made and sold as a tourist type item in the southwest. Dates to the 1920's. Could have been used as a sewing basket or for knitting or for other accessories. Normal wear from use and age. The lining is soiled and damaged
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