Antique French Cav De Liqueur Sweet Liquor Cabinet

Antique French Cav De Liqueur Sweet Liquor Cabinet

A Sweet Liqueur

Purchased in Paris in the early 1980s, this Cav de Liqueur dates to the mid-1800's, probably produced in France, no maker's marks.

It exudes fine workmanship from the delicately hand etched, floral design cut glasses, decanters and stoppers to the expert wood working which appears to be bird's eye maple applied with exquisite matched grain patterns. The carrying tray with the brass handle and glass holders lifts out for serving your guests.

We have gone into great detail below about the condition, but keep in mind that this is a century+ old piece, and it is remains a very nice period antique.

The front and top of the cabinet have an inlaid decorative pattern of brass and wood that appear to be set into ebony with small details of mother of pearl.

Condition is fair to good. the bottom piece of the cabinet, below the serving tray has a seam separation (3/8") apparently caused by the wood aging and shrinking. The cabinet feet are in good condition, and all the hardware is original and it has the original key. the lid/front has warped slightly (see photo) and the latches don't quite align without some pressure, but the cabinet still closes and displays beautifully.

The top/lid has a center seam that has a significant upward

The cabinet surface is in reasonably good condition with some cracking of the varnish; t are minor signs of wear and some small dings in the finish, but it appears to be original. T is one small wear mark on front right top of cabinet, t is some slight scratching on the bottom right side (looking at the cabinet), also on the right side, the wood at the top of both sides of the wing seam is raised but not broken and t is a light stain production mark on the right side bottom back.

On left, back side, a small wood trim piece is missing; this could be duplicated and restored by a professional without detracting from the piece's overall authenticity.

One out of the 16 glasses is missing.

The cabinet measures 10 1/2" high, 12 3/4" wide and 9 1/2" deep.

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