Antique French Enamelled Wood Burning Stove Woodburner Art Nouveau

This auction is for

A beautiful French Art Nouveau Enamelled Wood Burning Stove

More or less in working condition, but in need of some TLC…

This is sold as “spares or repair” but in all seriousness itwill make someone a very attractive, and functional stove with a just little bit of work.

This stove came back from France last year, where it was found sitting at the back of the barn in a house we bought. I was going to do it up and use it myself, but I’ve been tripping over it for 18 months now and I’ve still done nothing to it, so it’s time for it to go!

The stove is really in working order, but needs a clean up, and 2 minor repairs (see below). It also has 2 parts missing (see below), one of which does really needs replacing before the stove is used, the other is not essential. With a bit of TLC it will be a nice working stove, and decorative collector’s piece.

In fact you just wanted it for a decorative antique and weren’t intending to use it, then it really just needs a clean up…

The cast iron is in generally good condition, as is most of the enamel, although it’s faded and knocked about a bit as you would expect from a stove which I would say dates from 1890s at latest.

The grate is in excellent condition, and there is a fire brick to store and radiate heat behind the fire
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