ANTIQUE FRENCH KELSCH - Beautiful Length of Pure Linen Kelsch Fabric

In Alsace region, the famous « kelsch » tableclothes, curtains, napkins,... that decorate homes have been made for centuries.

It's a red and off white or blue and off white or blue, red and off white checked fabric.

Sometimes, rarely, we can find yellow kelsch.

In Alsace region, we name "Kelsch" this beautiful checked fabric, but we also name "a Kelsch" the pillow case or duvet cover which uses this fabric

Beautiful length of Kelsch Fabric

This textile is a comforter cover made from a beautiful length of linen Kelsch in white and dark blue colors.

The back white part has been delicately cut up and the lovely handstitched seams have been let.

There is a central handstitched seam.

The Kelsch is in good condition.

The comforter cover can be reworked with a new white linen in the back.

Or the Kelsch fabric can be simply used for many creative projects.

Measurements : The Kelsch is 70 inches long and 60,60 inches wide.

Freshly laundered

I live in Alsace region, in the east of France.