Antique French Mantle Clock - Marti "Bronze Medal

First of all, I am not going to try and sound like I know what I am talking about with this item. This was given to me by a little old lady for services that I did on her home. She told me that she thought that it might be a valuable piece, and that I could have it. I took this by two different clock places and both of them told me that it was worth around $1200.00. That of course, if it had some work on it done.

The clock people that I spoke with gave me some information that I could write down for some prospective buyers. If you have ANY questions on this clock, please feel free to contact me. I can take specific pictures for you if you'd like as well.

It is a black solid stone piece. It is a "Bronze" medal winner back in the turn of the century time frame. It has a jeweled brocott escapement and is in very good conditon. It is not working at this time, but again, was told for a small investment, it is in very good shape. It has no pendulum as well. The pillars on the side are made of real marbel. T are chips on the main portion of the clock. The glass has a chip in it as well and the ivory face has been repaired. Hope all of this helps. Please, let me know for furture questions.

This item is VERY heavy. Weighs over 30 pounds. Shipping can be adjusted to your location.