You are looking at an very nice antique victorian mantel clock. This clock is made of a black onyx marble slate. Also the movement is the same style as most Tiffany Co. clocks from this era. (JUST BY LOOKING AT MARBLE TIFFANY CLOCKS) It does not have the stamp or any marks from Tiffany Co. I believe this clock was made some w around 1870. This clock is fairly large. It stands 18 1/2" Tall X 19" Wide X 5 3/4" Thick.

This clock has some very fine detailing, that makes it a very beautiful piece to display anyw The marble is great, but then you add the side and front decorative pieces made from a cast iron. It makes this clock unique. T are 2 small India looking Princess on each side and one large on the front bottom. The madalion looking piece on the front top looks like some one from roam. All of the pieces have gold paint or Gold leaf trimming. I do not know what these pieces mean, but they add alot of shape to the clock. If these decorations are not enough, t is some very ornate etching on the clock filled with a gold paint or gold leaf. Unsure of the gold. T is some ware to the gold. Very grand clock.

The face of the clock is made of pocelian. It is in mint condition. Very hard to find these faces in such pristene condition. The numbers have a very unique font style. The movement is in working order. The pendulum
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