Antique French "Musique A 2 Airs" crank music box works

This is an antique (circa late 19th century, 1880s?) music box made in France, measuring 5.5 inches long, 4.25 wide and 3 inches tall (not counting crank). Wooden case, nicely fitted, I show a crack on one corner and slight separation of one wall at another corner in the photos. T seems to have been a picture of a child on the top surface but it has come off, about half of it, so just recognizable. It appears to have been lacquered on, a thick transparent coating is on top. It works in the sense that when I crank the lever it does play notes, but I am not sure if the whole song is being played or if it may be missing any notes. The label on the bottom is somewhat faded and difficult to read. I can read Musique A 2 Airs and Made in France. In the center are the numbers 1 and 2, with cursive handwriting apparently identifying the songs. #1 looks like To the Side of the XXXX meaning I cant recognize it, and #2 I cannot read at all. Nor can I read the number at the bottom of the label. I tried to get a look inside for more information by unscrewing the four small screws holding on the bottom wooden piece, but since I cannot detach the crank, that did not work, since the crank is attached to the mechanisms inside, somehow. It weighs almost 1 pound.