Beautiful Antique French Stove

This is a beautiful Chappee, Model Number 8007 , manufactured during the 1930's by The Antoigne Foundry in Le Mans. The stove, sometimes referred to as a Porthole model, was very popular in its day with its simple Deco styling and large well built firebox (steel with inner cast panel linings).

The name Chappee dates back to 1895 when Armand Chappee took over the running of the foundry with his son and formed "Chappee et fils"; some stoves still exist today with that name attached. The foundry flourished, despite its location and lack of natural resources, initially producing products for the railways, cast iron radiators and later, shells of all calibre, for the First World War. When Armand died in 1922 the foundry was initially run by his sons, whom immediately fell out with each other.....the business deteriorated , and in 1926 was taken over by the Societe Generale de Fonderie. The name Chappie remained and became synonymous with all types of ironwork, especially their cast fountains; they also produced some remarkably ornate man hole covers which are still in use today! The company is owned by Baxi these days and now manufactures a range of heating appliances.

The stove has the following dimensions:
Width: 550mm ( 795mm with side door open )
Depth: 385mm (inc Flue stub)
Height: 525mm ( 795mm with
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