Antique Frosted Glass Whale Oil Lamp Base Stars Kerosene 4.5" Tall (5" wide)

This is not a complete lamp. If you want a complete lamp, you don't want this.
There is a metal tube inside this. Inside the lamp, the glass surrounding this tube seems to be cracked, but as the glass seals the tube at the bottom, this will not cause a leak. The crack might be original, if the metal and the glass cool at different temperatures, if it even is a crack. Other than that, there are no cracks or chips. O think the top bronze piece indicates that it was a whale oil lamp, but maybe it was alcohol. The design looks mid 19th Century, I think. The fill cap is very tight and I have not removed it. The piece in the middle on top, the bronze insert, looks like something that was pressed in, rather than screwed in on threads. Removal of that might be a problem, if you are entertaining such thoughts. Close inspection of the well-worn bottom reveals a "31" and a "75," perhaps suggesting a patent date of March 1, 1875? Payment due within 48 hours of listing's close.