antique GAR Walking Stick Cane unusual

GUARANTEED ORIGINAL! Up for auction is what we consider to be a pretty unique item. It's a GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) walking stick or cane. It measures 34 3/8" in length. It has what looks like a silver plated metal handle and a wood stick. Looks like it used to have a tip on it or someone just whittled the end a bit for whatever reason. The metal handle measures 2 3/8" long and 2 3/4" across. T is a picture of an eagle, the American flag and a sword is on the length and the initials G.A.R. across the bottom of the metal handle. Crossed swords, crossed rifles and the GAR seal appear on either side of the handle. The GAR seal says: Grand Army of the Republic Veteran and what looks like 1885 or 1889 but I could be wrong--it's very difficult to read. T is a small ding in the handle and a bit of wear to the silver and the black shows wear from use, not abuse. So, what you see is what t is. As always, we depend on you collectors to know what you're looking at since we don't possess your knowledge! Buyer pays ACTUAL shipping--no hidden costs. Optional insurance costs extra. I accept money orders and US personal checks. NO PAYPAL, please. International buyers welcome.