Antique Georgian Pocket Guinea / Sovereign / Gold Coin Balance Scales & Case

Antique Georgian Guinea Pocket Balance Scales, with Matched Weights and Oval Case
These lovely old scales believed to date from the 18th Century, come complete with two matched brass weights and a pocket carrying case
The item is well used and its condition can be seen in the enlarged photographs
A supporting string between the beam and one of the brass weighing pans has broken
The oval case has a sound hinge and catch; and with a mottled pattern on the exterior
Replacement fabric has been put loosely inside the case
Overall it measures 5" (130mm), by a little over 2" (55mm), and is 0.5" (14mm) deep. The total weight is 85gm
Portable sets of scales and weights became popular during the period to identify if circulating gold coins, such as Guineas and Sovereigns, had been 'shaved'.
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