Up for auction is this antique marked "Germany" doll with bisque head and composition body. The doll is numbered "9 1/2" and "168." on the back of its head. The doll measures just over 22 inches in height. I could find no damage to the doll's bisque head. She has slight chipping on her eyelids that are covered with a yellow wax type material (see photo #8). I believe her eyes are made of glass. Her beautiful red hair is fastened tightly to her head so I did try to remove it. Her pink dress is in really nice condition. She is also wearing a hat, black shoes and undergarments. I'm not sure if these clothes are her original clothes, but they do appear quite old and have been with her for as long as I can remember. As you can see in the photos, the doll does have some chipping or damage to certain areas of her composition body. She has chipping or damage around her collar area, some deterioration to her little fingers, and some staining on her legs (see photo #11). I am not a doll collector or a dealer so I am unsure if this damage is typical. I have studied other dolls here on Ebay and it seems most antique German dolls of this nature do have some of the same signs of chipping or damage. I am unsure who manufactured this doll but I also have another doll currently listed that is marked "handwerck". Both these dolls have similar attributes. ... read more