Antique German Bisque Doll

A little history:

Up for auction is a beautiful German bisque doll with felt body. I am not a doll historian and only can see that she has a "p" followed with the number 8 at the back of her head. Also at the back of her head is a small marking of the number 151 or 154. There also seems to be a letter before the "p" but I cannot make it out....maybe a "D"? She stands almost 20 inches tall. On the back of her head she had the number 250 along with the maker's name and Germany. She has been in my family for her entire existence. She was either my grandmother's doll or my great grandmother's doll. My grandmother was born in 1899 and her mother's family was from Germany. I do know this is a German maker of the doll. The doll has original clothing, blonde hair, glass brown glass eyes. Her brown shoes look old but I do not know if they are original. This doll has been carefully loved and has also had a home in a box stored in a dry cool cellar for around thirty or so years.

Condition: This young girl has what I believe are her original clothing items; off-white cotton dress (with a great detail of lace near the trims). The top of her dress seems to be even older than the skirt part. The cloth is a wider weave with some aged wear but in very good condition. As you can see from the photos she has some chipped fingers along with
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