Antique bisque doll head. She is a very sweet little doll with blue sleep eyes, a dimple in her chin and 4 teeth. You can see the 4 teeth in the last picture the best.

She is marked GERMANY and then some numbers and I think it is 12/0 but I am not sure of the first two numbers.

Lying as she is in the first picture she is about 16 inches long. I really can't get the circumference of her head with all the hair but the bottom edge of her shoulder plate is about 2.5 inches and the bottom of the shoulder plate to the top of her hair is about 4.5 inches.

Her arms had fallen off so I tied a string around them but she did lose some saw dust. Her left arm had came loose from the shoulder and I have a straight pin holding it in place. She has pantaloons on that were sewn in place. I removed the few stitches so her body could be shown. Looks to be in nice shape. She has some black net stockings and just remnants of shoes.

Her hair is soft and I snipped a strand from underneath and it smells like hair burning so it is either real hair or mohair. My guess is mohair. I did not want to remove her hair as it seems to be glued in place at the very top but you can see inside her head in picture 12. I will stuff her head for shipping.

She has some roughness around the bottom of her shoulder plate and her face and
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