Antique German Composition & Wood Doll Body-stamped Handwerck-replaced Legs

Antique doll heads are measured from top of forehead, at beg of rim, down over face, to beg of neck hole, using a cloth dressmakers tape. Dresses, shirts, coats and jackets are measured for length, going from shoulder (near neck) to bottom edge. Sleeves are measured underneath, from the armpit to the edge of sleeve. Clothing is not guaranteed to fit any particular doll. Heads are not guaranteed to fit any particular body. Bodies are not guaranteed to fit any particular heads. All measurements of doll wigs are ESTIMATES only. Wigs are not guaranteed to fit any particular doll. Almost all items are used/old and may have flaws not mentioned in descriptions (although I try hard to mention all flaws and show as many as possible in pics). They will not be perfect. PLEASE VIEW WHOLE description and ALL pics, as approximate size is shown. I do not accept returns for items that don't fit. buyers must correct any mistaken bids or purchases they may make. All insurance claims must be made by the buyer. Please note: due to a large amount of unpaid items, unpaid item cases are now opened after 48 hours. Customers wanting my combined shipping rates must email and let me know. To get my combined shipping rate all items must be paid for on the invoice sent by me with the correct combined shipping charge. Items ending within 5 days of each other

This is for an Antique composition and wood German doll body. It is stamped in red on one hip "Heinrich Handwerck Germany" and numbers I cannot make out. The legs are replacements. Now, I think, possibly the upper legs are Antique and have been repainted. The lower are definitely reproduction. What's even worse is they used two right feet!! Now the upper part of body is really nice, just some scuffs marks, paint loss and normal wear and tear. I don't know what size head it will take. It is not perfect, but can be used as is, or find the proper legs and have a really nice body. Measurements are what I get when measuring, you may get something else. Please see the photos to help with description and approximate size. All items are sold as is. We may not know if items are complete, missing parts or perhaps have a broken piece. We do not guarantee any items. Descriptions are our opinions and the condition of items when we ship them. We will package as carefully as we can, but We do not guarantee total safety during shipment, as we cannot control how the items are handled during shipment.

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