Offered is an original antique square top grandfather clock in medium color solid oak case. The case measures 79" tall x 19" wide x 10" deep. The case has two tags, one inside the door and the other on the back side of the case. Back side tag states the clock was made by "DUFA." See pictures. The door has three beveled glass windows held secure by two side hooks. The beveled glass measured (2 outside pieces) 28" x 3" wide while the center domed piece measures 31"x 6 1/4" wide. All glass is old and original for the case. The case is enhanced by three wooden carved filigrees, two on the outside top & bottom of the case and an elaborate carving just above the 3-piece beveled glass door. The solid brass dial (11 ½" dia), weights and pendulum bob are in undamaged condition. The high quality 8 day time & strike movement is stamped "DUFA" and has a serial number of 53324. The movement strikes "Bim Bam" once on the half hour and the number of the hour on the hour by way of 5 chime rods with deep pleasing tones. The case was restored by cleaning with no other repairs needed. The movement, mounting brackets, and chime rods are original for the case. Movement has been restored by cleaning, oiling & adjustment. It is in good running order. Clock dates about 1900-1910. Clock was photographed in my workshop.


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