Fresh Laundered Linens Basket Cover
from Germany

Medium to heavy weight tan cotton ground with red fabric trim, 33" x 40" wide, hand embroidered redwork WORDING, gently used, there ARE storage blemishes and a couple of water marks (see ALL pictures - all will remove with a pre-treat/launder), other than the fore mentioned and needing a launder to remove any/all 'NORMAL' surface storage remains, the piece is in very nice condition. Linens had their place, had their purpose, were made to conceal and cover up, had sayings and rhymes, and are now simply wonderful to own. These are fun cultural pieces, and if only they could talk! Please stop by often to see what's new!:-)

ANTIQUE: decorative object made at an earlier period and according to various customs laws at least 100 years ago. I will be using anything prior to 1930.
VINTAGE: of old; dating from the past: OLD, OUTMODED, OLD-FASHIONED.
ESTATE SALES: household sales, moving sales, rummage sales, etc., all sales coming from an estate.
EUROPEAN means exactly that, "European" and does not by any means limit the items from Germany only. Folks have moved from one Country to another much as we move from one State to another. Exquisite Irish lace is sent as a gift to Norway from a friend, a piece of Belgian lace is now in Germany, or

Shipping within the US $FREE, delivery confirmation included.

Payment due in 3 days unless arrangements are made with me prior to sale.
REFUNDS: I will gladly refund 100% if I have grossly misrepresented the item, NO REFUNDS for items that have been laundered or used. If you have changed your mind and wish to return the item, the free shipping cost will be deducted from your refund. To the wonderful customers who know me, know that I am honest and always forthright with my listings. I will always try to tell you when there is something wrong and if there are spots. However, I may miss a tiny spot or two or a broken thread, please forgive me, as it is not intentional, and DOES NOT constitute a refund, these items are VINTAGE and ANTIQUE (which means used but not used up) unless stated otherwise.
NOTE: If you have any questions, please NEVER hesitate to email me. I base my business on HONESTY. Many scriptures speak of HONESTY, and a man is good as his word.

FEEDBACK: I will leave feedback for you once you have left feedback for me. Please contact me if you have any problems, as Feedback is not a place to vent your frustrations. Although I pride myself on my work ethic and honesty, I am still human and mistakes can happen.
FYI: Before bidding, whether domestic or international, always note your shipping charges as what may appear to be a good deal, may not be as good as you may think!


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