Antique German Punch Bowl & Mugs Very Unusual Piece

Antique German Beer Bowl & Mugs Very Unusual Piece 50s? Search
is a very unusual piece it was found at an Estate Sale the owners Grand Mother Owned the set.
It is in like new condition no chips or cracks it is a beautiful item to say the least.
First we have the Punch ,Beer Wine Bowl it is large this holds 128 oz or 16 Cups! the lid is as thick as the bowl like a beer stein, t is a piece cut out for use with a ladle.
The bottom of the bowl has this inscribed 4 L 2940 and the makers stamp.
On the sides t six scenes with castles the names are as follows:Burg Eltz Mosel, Ehrenburg Mosel ,Burg Cochem Mosel, Marksburg Rhein , Stolzenfels Rhein, Rheinstein Rhein.
Next we have the Mugs t are eleven of them i am sure at one time t were twelve ?
Each Mug is like a small beer stein also and they hold one cup each or 8 oz each mug has a number 2935 and makers stamp on the bottom of mug.
Ten Mugs have four castle scenes and names they are as follows: Rheinstein, Deutsches Eck, Stolzenfels, Niederwald.
One Mug has this number on bottom 2885 and it has four different Castles and names as follows: Drachenfels, Godesburg,Burgkochem, Ehrenburg.
We are adding a shipping fee to this group for one reason the bubble wrap and time it will take to pack this large set.
The items will be shipped in
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