Antique German WMF flatware 6 setting Patent 90

You are looking at a German set of flatware. It has six of each utensil, seving spoon, teaspoon, fork, butter knife, and little fork. It also comes with a relish set, which doesn't go with the set. I don't know much about them, other than they say WMF, the brand. I believe they are somew in the 1920-1950 range, but, honestly, I can't be sure. They have the silver, in grams, written on the back of each utensil. They also say patent.

The amounts of silver are as follows;

fork: 45

Small fork: 18

Serving Spoon: 45

Tea Spoon: 18

Butter Knife: 27

These are what I have intrepreted as being the numbers. Also on each utensil is the number 90 inside of a diamond shape.

Comes with an AMF tarnish proof box.

The only information I can find about the relish set is that they are from meridian silverplate company.

This flatware is silverplated, not solid silver. 90 is the most
common German silverplate grade/mark. Patent 90 is WMF's
proprietay trademark for the company's silverplated products.

Ships to U.S. only, sorry.