Antique Germany Bisque Shoulder Plate Kid Leather Body Doll 20" Heubach Marking

Antique Germany Bisque Shoulder Plate Kid Leather Body 20" Huebach Marking

20" doll with signature on back of shoulder plate that looks like "Heim Germany" and has marking that looks like a horseshoe but worn a bit and light so hard to see, possibly and likely a Huebach with a different manufacturer's name selling it, as I said looks like HEIM but definitely Says Germ. for Germany.

Go by the pictures, the kid leather body is in very good shape with some cleaning up to do but not heavily soiled, still very good. The cloth bottom legs below knees including feet are somewhat soiled and a couple patch in front and one in back (but done professionally) repair to the left side bottom leg.

Under wig has a lighter color bisque, see pic, and closed top of head. Wig is glued and not mohair, not sure if original.

Hands and lower arms are composition. Eyelashes are stiff and eyes are not sleep eyes, do not open and close but stay open.

Face has one side of cheek more rosy than the other, with a couple minor rub marks but very good still.

Dress and shoes look a bit newer but pin tucked underskirt and open crotch lace trimmed bloomers look old and skirt has a couple small holes and marks.

Sold as is, go by pictures, desribed well. There is a little sweater and apron that goes with
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