Antique Gesso Wood Frame with Antique Print of A Peacemaker by Marcus Stone

This is an Antique Gesso Wood Frame with Antique Print of "A Peacemaker" Painted by Marcus Stone. This frame and print are very old and they do have a lot of wear from age and handling. The Frame is solid at the joints but there is a lot of chipping and cracking on the decorative plaster. The decorative plaster is very fragile with age and does need to be handled carefully or it chips off.
There is also a lot of dust buildup on this frame from being stored most likely in an attic. The glass over the print is solid but is extremely dirty from dust buildup. One of the wood slats is missing from the back of the frame. The print has been in this frame for so long that the back of it looks like the missing wood slat or backing board. The wire hanger is also broken on this frame. The print is very old and does have age spots on it and the paper has also darkened with time. The print is still very nice though. This frame and print will take some work to get them back into shape but I do believe that it would be a worthwhile project for the right person. This print and the inside of the frame measure 24 by 20 with the frame being just a tad larger than the frame. The outside of the frame measures 32 3/4 by 28 3/4 inches. This frame and its print weigh 10 pounds 10 ounces. If you are interested in this piece, why not make it part of
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