Antique Ginori Vase Signed by Artist

For Sale: Antique Ginori vase with painted design, signed by the artist. I have researched the Ginori mark, and believe that this vase dates between 1820 and before 1920. That is a large span, but I have been unable to precisely narrow down the dates any better. The vase is in pristine condition, gold rimmed at the top, and marvelous in its detail. It measures 12 1/2" tall by 6 inches at the widest part of the vase. It is a ceramic or porceline vase with the following markings on the bottom: The potter's CROWN mark with the word GINORI under the crown, and the word ITALY under GINORI. T is also a mark similar to a witch's hat with what looks like either a circle or an eye in the center of the triangular part. Under the symbol is the word GINORI. T is a rectangle on its side with the words HAND PAINTED inside it. Also toward the side of the bottom of the vase is the number 30 in red.

The artist's signature is difficult to decipher even with magnification. It appears to be: S. Perry. The vase was appraised by and independent Chicago Suburban auction house. Their valuation was in excess of $700.00.

Shipping: Shipping will be handled by the UPS Shipping Center for its packing abilitites. Once the vase's final destination is determined, I can get the exact amount. The amount listed in the shipping section is an estimation
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