Antique Glass And Pewter Butter Dish

In the next few months t will be many things to be auctioned off from my

Mother's estate. Her house was built in 1922 by her father who was a doctor. She was borne in this house in 1924 and has lived t ever since. To say that my mother is a pack rat is to put it mildly. These will all be N/R auctions; some will be local pick up only for the larger items. I will describe all items in detail as best I can. So put me in your favorites and see if t is something for you. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding. Up for bids in the # 2 auction is a three piece antique butter dish that I know nothing about. The dish weight is about two lbs. is 7 inches wide, 6 inches high & the base is 4 inches across. It looks like cut glass & pewter. I was told that ice went in the bottom then the small tray was inserted and butter was placed on the tray and covered with the top thus cold butter with no flies. Thanks for looking Walter.